District Data Deep Dive

Helping HR Define Bright Spots and Room for Growth

Partners: Sunnyvale School District, West Contra Costa Unified School District

We hypothesize that diving into the data is the first step toward building a great experience for everyone involved in substitute teaching. We’re analyzing sub system data, charting processes, and talking to lots and lots of people at all levels of the system to figure out what makes their systems great, and where we might find some opportunities to improve. Reflecting on the current state helps us understand where there are leverage points to grow as well — we want to help districts amplify the work they’re already doing to make a bigger impact for their teachers, students and schools.

We’re Exploring

  • How can use data to inform and prioritize system improvement work?
  • What kinds of data are most useful and how do we present results in a meaningful and compelling way?
  • How can we build capacity for districts to continue using their sub system data as a regular measure of their success?