Prospective Sub Help Line

Current Service Area: East Bay Area, California – Alameda County (18 school districts) and West Contra Costa Unified School District

As the Substantial team got into interviewing aspiring substitutes, we quickly learned that the online directions about how to become a substitute teacher were confusing and discouraging. The East Bay Aspiring Sub Help Line is our first experiment in making the substitute application process more user-friendly. Anyone interested in becoming a substitute teacher in the East Bay can make a 20-minute appointment to talk with one of our team members. We will walk them through the requirements, the steps to apply and will track down the answer to any question we don’t know.  It’s easy to sign-up.

We’re Exploring

  • Does having a live person to talk to increase the success rate of prospective substitute teachers?
  • How can we help prospective substitute teacher navigate the process of becoming a substitute teacher?
  • Can we build regional resources for aspiring substitutes?