Sub Office System Improvements

Partners: West Contra Costa Unified School District, Sunnyvale School District

School district sub offices are usually very lean, resource constrained and tasked with a ton of mission-critical, highly time sensitive work. They have just enough human power to keep the ships running, but not much else to spare. Yet, when you talk to these sub managers, they have a wealth of experience and a ton of great ideas. We believe that if we improve existing processes, we’ll create more time to do proactive work and then we structure those projects as a team effort, with Substantial amplifying the capacity of the HR team.

We’re piloting our sub office system improvement work with a turnkey mindset. Everything we learn and create, we’re planning to make available as easily adopted resources and tools, so busy sub system managers can take ideas and begin implementing immediately.

We’re Exploring

  • How can we help school districts strengthen their substitute office systems?
  • How can we use technology to reduce time and effort in substitute teacher management?
  • How can we improve processes to support more proactive recruitment?
  • What tools and resources can be easily adapted by other school districts?
  • What help do school districts need to work on changing their methods for recruitment, training and supporting substitute teachers?